Art nouveau in Turin - CC Luca Galli, Flickr

Where to find art nouveau in Turin

The allure of Turin is its style. The city is not flashy or showy, but elegant while never being overbearing, grand but not intimidating. It’s a city of 2.2 million inhabitants, but if you walk through it at 3 pm on a Wednesday afternoon, it will feel as quiet as my hometown of 4,000. Continue reading “Where to find art nouveau in Turin”


Exploring Campidoglio, Turin’s neighborhood of murals

Turin is an old signora who wears silk scarves in spring, perfectly pressed linens in summer, and her 50s-era mink coat in autumn and winter. Her hair and makeup are perfectly done, and she lives in a splendid, high-ceilinged palazzo with chandeliers and art nouveau trimming. Continue reading “Exploring Campidoglio, Turin’s neighborhood of murals”

Insider's Guide to a Day in Turin

The Grand Wine Tour | Insider’s guide to a day in Turin

I’m often asked, “I’m coming into Turin for a day, what can I do when I’m there?” When I can’t convince them they should spend more time here, I hand over a list of sites they should see and where they should get gelato. I finally organized my top suggestions into a day guide for Turin, published on The Grand Wine Tour. It’s a pretty packed day, … Continue reading The Grand Wine Tour | Insider’s guide to a day in Turin